Is Life Insurance for Seniors over 60 expensive?

Life insurance for seniors over 60 can be tedious to find. Being a senior comes with challenges as it is. It is even more stressful because of health issues they inevitably face. Seniors should ensure their health is covered by insurance so they can maintain a secure lifestyle.

However, some seniors cannot get insurance in their younger years. Also, some of them think it’s too late to get one now.

This article clarifies the issues and answers questions that concern them.  This also informs how they to get life insurance affordably and securely.

Is Life Insurance For Seniors Over 60 Expensive?

Seniors usually find this a major concern. Remember, one must prioritize their health even in their senior years. One’s seniority should not be a hindrance to getting the insurance coverage they deserve. Not all good policies out there cost your entire savings.

Seniors just have to find the right company. Also, insurance brokers can provide the policy type and coverage rage that fits their preferences, budget and health issues.

In fact, some good companies offer discounts on their chosen package. That’s a huge help. Especially, because the benefit amount for senior life insurance can reach from $5K-$45K.

Funeral and Debt Expenses

An average U.S. citizen will shell out around $7,000-$15,000 to pay for funeral costs. Companies encourage seniors to avail life insurance that covers funeral costs. This way, it avoids overwhelming families and loved ones after a senior’s death.

One may allocate a certain amount to cover debt expenses. Also, other expenses for the funeral. A qualified senior may acquire a whole life policy which is permanent. Or, they may get a temporary policy as term insurance. This terminates after a number of years to address death and burial expenses. Either way, they may get burial insurance options available for them.

Difference Between Term VS Whole Life Insurance


Term Insurance

The main difference between a term and whole life insurance involves the duration of the coverage. One is temporary coverage and the other is a permanent policy. In term life insurance, one pays to settle the risk benefits during the term policy indicated.

For example, if one pays an insurance company for a 20-year term policy. The insurance company pays one’s death benefits to the beneficiaries within the 20 years the insurer were paying for.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance for seniors over 60 covers one’s entire life until they die. Then, they transfer the final expense insurance benefits to their beneficiaries accordingly. This coverage is ideal for seniors.

Many seniors opt for this kind of universal or whole life policy. Especially if they want coverage on burial expenses. Also, with the help of their existing policies. Anyone who is over 50 can qualify for burial insurance.

Whole life insurance obviously costs more premiums than term. This is because of the time frame it covers. However, most of the seniors opt for whole life instead of term insurance. Whole life never expires and offers a permanent policy for the senior’s whole life.

It’s easy for seniors to get these policies. Especially now that companies offer them at affordable rates for seniors. Also, they require almost no medical exams for approval. No lab or any blood tests are needed. Just simple health questions will be sufficient.

Do I Need Senior Life Insurance to Leave My Wealth as Legacy?

Wealthy seniors may want the next generation to enjoy their wealth. One effective way of ensuring this is acquiring quality senior life insurance policies. Some policies transfer fortune and estates of the seniors to their next of kin. With just a dollar a day, a senior life policy can make a difference in leaving a large-scale estate for the next heirs and assigns. So, the answer is: yes, a senior life insurance guarantees that your legacy is in good hands.

A senior life insurance policy can combine with other assets to increase its worth all their life. Combined assets ensure it leaves a dramatic amount of legacy. Or, a chosen charity, group and cause. Getting a senior life insurance is indeed a superior choice in giving seniors this opportunity.

How To Pick The Right Senior Life Insurance

Life insurance for seniors over 60 and burial insurance

Choosing the quality, affordable, efficient and secure senior life insurance relies on the insurance brokers. It takes a reasonable amount of research to compare and assess the insurance packages available. A broker helps seniors save time and money. They have different objectives and goals for one’s death benefits. Also, one must find a good insurance broker that represents many companies.

A senior insurance broker may ask a few health questions to calculate if they qualify for a plan. Also, they point seniors in the right direction.

One may talk candidly with their broker or representative. They can make adjustments to one’s existing coverage. Also, in addressing a senior life’s needs. They may even provide additional coverage to an existing policy.

It is also imperative to check the insurance company’s reputation from trusted friends and family. They can also join a senior organization that can assist with recommendations about the right policies to choose.


It’s easy to know how to buy life insurance for seniors over 60. What’s tricky to do is picking the right broker or agent. With the guide above, one can now make sure the insurance they get comes from a trusted broker who is after their best interest and not after commission only.

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