How to Find the Right Life Insurance for Seniors Over Age 75

No matter how old you are, you need to invest in a life insurance. Sometimes, seniors do not care to purchase a plan. They believe that the older they are, the more difficult and costly it is to secure a plan. That is not the case. It is never too late to look for a life insurance for seniors over age 75.

Despite the common cliché, people over age 75 do have health issues. Nowadays, seniors engage in an exercise regimen and make sure that they intake an organic diet to stay healthy. Therefore, statistics shows they do have as much health issues when compared with seniors aged 60 to 74.



Finding the Right Coverage for Seniors Over Age 70


There are lots of factors that must be considered when deciding which life insurance for seniors over 65 . The difference between looking for life insurance for 65 years old and under and over 65 is that they over 65 may qualify for a term insurance.

When choosing insurance, the common terms that you will frequently encounter are term life insurance and whole life insurance. Term life  can be purchased for a specific period only, like 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, etc. On the other hand, whole life insurance is a permanent policy therefore its more expensive because it covers the whole life . Look for 1st day coverage if possible.

You can buy a life insurance policy that can last your whole life. This is the ideal duration for any life insurance for seniors over age 75.

Another thing about term life insurance is that this has an expiration date. This is why it is cheaper than the other policies out there. If you have limited budget, a term life insurance is the right plan for you if you are under age 65.

You can also check if the policy that you are looking at offers a terminal sickness rider. This allows the policy holder to benefit from the plan if ever he or she has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

On the other hand, the upside for the whole life insurance is that it is especially targeted to seniors who wish to have coverage in the long run. This coverage will never cancel and its long-term which is  ideal. This would also be a good life insurance for seniors over age 85.

Acquiring Life Insurance with Pre Existing conditions

Here are some important points to remember when you can purchaase life insurance with pre-existing conditions or after you have already been diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness. Most of the time, insurance companies do not start covering the policy holder for at least, give or take, a couple of years. This means there are limited payouts for the beneficiary in the situation that he or she were to die within the first few years of the initial coverage.

Those who have been denied insurance can consider this option. This policy has a 5 to 10% payout for the first few years to the holder. For someone who is regarded as the health institution as a high risk, this is a generous insurance plan and it’s called guaranteed plans.





Protections and Rates for 75 and older Insurance Policy Holders

Companies that issue both term insurance and whole life insurance estimate that the average person lives until 90. This is why the protection period that they offer 70 year old policy holders matures after 10 to 15 years. Hopefully, with this set-up, the insurance covers the beneficiary for the remaining years of his life.

There is also a phrase protection policy for life insurance for seniors over age 75. This covers the expenses of the policy holder after his or her death. If you are looking for burial insurance for parents, consider getting them a whole life insurance if they are over 65.

The policy offers protection  for this specific age is used to cover the funeral and burial expenses of the policy holder. The only downside for purchasing whole life insurance for seniors is to answer health questions to qualify.

For those looking for life insurance for seniors over age 70, it is highly recommended that they buy the whole life insurance. This kind of coverage can last until 100 years old. In fact there are also other plans that can extend to the policy holder’s 120th year. What makes these policies different from one another is the higher premiums. Nonetheless, the extra expense is worth paying for because it provides peace of mind

Example age 75 female no tobacco rates 5K benefit amount
 Company Rating  Monthly
A- $37.73
A+ $37.81
A $38.16
B $38.39
A- $38.57
A $39.11
A $39.37
NR $39.53
A- $39.55
B++ $39.68
B+ $40.69
B $41.40
A $41.48
A $42.18
A $43.55
A $43.94
NR $44.44
A $44.58
NR $44.97

Life Insurance with no Exams Required

When getting an insurance, the rule of thumb is that if you just need a smaller amount, then there is no reason to get a no-exam-term life insurance policy. If you want to get larger policies, they to see if you can go through the underwriting first. The goal is to be approved so that you can have better rates.

The advantage of opting for a no-exam policy is that these are easy to sign up for. Just about everyone can be approved. The disadvantage is that these are more expensive and some companies have lower coverage limits. This is not ideal for everyone but it depends on your situation. It can even be ideal for you.

Finally when looking high and low for life insurance for seniors over age 75, it is better to approach a broker than an agent. A captive agent will only represent one insurance company that he is working for. On the other hand, a broker will present many companies with many options available for you. From there, you can choose which life insurance you think is suitable for your situation and is within your budget. You will eventually discover that there are lots of options for seniors who are older than 70. You just need the right broker to guide you.

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