Dental, Vision, Hearing Insurance is Affordable

Dental, vision, hearing insurance is worth it. Accordingly, there are a few things you need to check when buying this insurance.

best dental, vision, hearing insurance; including dental hygiene treatment

Buyers, like you, should be responsible when choosing an insurance plan. This plan may be for your family, or your company. To help you through this process, we gather tips when choosing dental, vision, hearing insurance.

Importance of Dental, Vision, Hearing Insurance

Did you know that Medicare does not cover dental, vision, and hearing expenses? Generally, Original Medicare only covers basic healthcare such as medical and hospital insurance. This is why dental, vision, and hearing insurance is important to help cover other expenses you might need.

We understand that your dental, eyesight and hearing are essentials to a quality of life. Also, unforeseen problems can be painful and expensive. With dental, vision, hearing insurance, it is possible for you to protect yourself and your family. This product serves to help you pay toward your coverage.

5 Things to Consider – Choosing Dental, Vision and Hearing Insurance

You often spend time analyzing the choices you make when purchasing a new appliance. Sometimes, we seek advice from family and friends, compare price options before reaching a decision. This experience can be similar with choosing insurance. In fact, Medical insurance options can be intricate. But, dental, vision and hearing benefits are less complicated. Then again, before choosing an insurance plan, there are a few things to consider.

Determine Family Needs

Family members have different needs for dental, vision and hearing aid. Often, families look for flexible dental, vision and hearing coverage that can cater their needs.

For instance, kids may need braces, teens may need vision aid and adults may need hearing aid. Generally, people with dental or vision coverage tend to use the benefits their insurance covers. For instance, they likely take regular checkups and exams. This way, doctors can assess the health of their eyes and teeth. It is important to determine what your family needs to help you choose an insurance plan.

Be Familiar With The Coverage

Unfortunately, majority of the people find it complex to understand common health-related reading materials. Inzur agents will invest time in helping you become familiar with dental, vision and hearing coverage. Likewise, they will guide you in acknowledging the importance of the benefits to your family’s health. This way, you will admire the value of paying monthly insurance fees to protect your family.

Wide Network of Healthcare Providers

It is essential to have more than one dentist to choose from. If the insurance is limited to one single dentist, what would you do if some unforeseen events happen. For instance, there may be issues with office hours or locations. Your family must have the flexibility of having more than one option.

Likewise, whether you have chosen a vision discount package or vision benefits package, you must have access to a wide network of eye care providers. Further, they must agree with the program you select. In addition, answer these questions: Are the provider locations convenient to us? Do they have a wide selection of providers? Again, make sure that it will not be a hassle for your family to use the benefits due to network restrictions.

Product Highlights

Moreover, these are the product highlights of the best dental, vision, hearing insurance:

  • No Networks – Choose your dentist
  • Family Rates (includes a maximum of 3 children)
  • Individual 18-85 years old
  • $1,000 – $ 1,500 policy year benefit option available
  • Guaranteed Issue
  • Guaranteed renewable for life.

Plan Benefits

The plan you choose must have the best benefits it can offer! Study the table below to be acknowledge the plan benefits of a dental, vision, hearing insurance plan:


Eligibility Anyone age 18-85
Policy Year Maximum Benefit $ 1,000 or $ 1,500

(choose one)

Policy Year Deductible $100 per person


Preventive Services

Semi-Annual exams, cleaning and x-rays

1st Year – 60%

2nd Year – 70%

3rd Year and thereafter – 80%

Waiting Period None
Basic Services

Including x-ray (other than “full mouth”), dental hygiene treatment fillings and extractions

1st Year – 60%

2nd Year – 70%

3rd Year and thereafter – 80%

Waiting Period None
Major Services

Including bridges, crowns, full dentures or partials, full mouth extractions, and root canals

1st Year – 60%

2nd Year – 70%

3rd Year and thereafter – 80%

Waiting Period 12 Months


Basic vision insurance coverage: eye exam or eye refraction, including the cost of eye glasses or contact lenses 1st Year – 60%

2nd Year – 70%

3rd Year and thereafter – 80%

Waiting Period 6 months

On eyeglasses and contact lenses


Basic hearing insurance coverage: Exam, hearing aid and necessary repairs or supplies 1st Year – 60%

2nd Year – 70%

3rd Year and thereafter – 80%

Waiting Period 12 months

New hearing aids and existing hearing aid repairs


Dental, vision, hearing insurance are definitely worth it! Choosing a plan will be easy, just remember the tips we gave you. Also, look for the right agents to help you choose the right plan! Inzur agents are experts in knowing which plan is right for your family and budget. What are you waiting for? Call 1-888-999-0089 for more information on insurance.