5 Tips To Choose Burial Insurance in Tennessee That Works

Burial insurance in Tennessee works easy as 1, 2, 3. Further, this favorable insurance is beneficial to families especially seniors. So, how should you understand burial insurance? And, is it really necessary? If, you already possess a strong and supportive policy, then perhaps burial insurance comes with it.

tips on burial insurance in Tennessee

Moreover, the goal of burial insurance is protecting you and your family. Further, burial insurance ensures to secure your family from unanticipated financial matters upon your death. Later, we will discuss which counties offer burial insurance in Nashville, burial insurance in Memphis and burial insurance in Knoxville.


What is Burial Insurance and Why is it Important?

Also known as funeral or final expense insurance, this type of life insurance secures financial matters related to your death. Well, it is never easy to talk about death especially if it’s yours. However, death is inevitable, and you may want to prepare for it even as a young adult.

Basically, burial insurance offers to help your family members grieve together. In addition, they will no longer have to think about finances upon your death. Further, the coverage of burial insurance is wide from hospital bills to your funeral services. Unfortunately, services and equipment for funerals cost thousands of dollars.

Further, getting in and out of an insurance policy can be challenging. Therefore, you should know everything about burial insurance.


The Cost Of Burial Services

The average cost of funeral services is roughly $7,000 to $10,000. Sometimes, it could be roughly twice the cost of a cremation service. Burial expenses include headstone, casket, embalming, grave liner or outer burial container, rental fee for the funeral home, funeral director fees, the grave site and cost of digging the grave.

You would not want to burden your family with all those expenses, right? Burial insurance helps cover all funeral expenses. The cost of burial insurance policies depend in which state you live. Further, the amounts go far from $5,000 to $50,000 in total burial insurance coverage.


5 Tips To Shop For Burial Insurance In Tennessee

Here are 5 tips you must remember when shopping for burial insurance in Tennessee.


Two Payment Options: Immediate and Graded

Burial insurance offers either two payment options: immediate or graded. Further, there is a thin line between these two payouts. Moreover, the payment option you choose is meaningful as you want to make the right choice that fits your situation. Let’s breakdown the difference between the two.

Immediate Payout

This works exactly as it sounds. Basically, this insurance pays out completely upon your death. Therefore, if you have $10,000 burial insurance policy, then that is what your family or designated beneficiary receives upon your death. Moreover, that is payable in one lump sum.

Graded Payout

A policy that has graded payout works like this: the beneficiary is payed only a percentage of the full policy. Also, this is based on when it was purchased and when you die. For instance, the policy may payout 20% of full value if you die within the first year. Then, 50% when you die within the second year, 75% if you die in the third year, and full policy value pays out when you die after the fourth year. Therefore, a policy will only pay $2,000 if you pass within a year of the policy it was issued, and so on.

Insurance Premiums Become Expensive

As you grow older, you will pay higher premiums for final expense insurance. Also, you might want to start getting a policy earlier.


Medical Exams or No?

Getting the lowest premium costs involves getting a medical exam. Further, medical examinations will lead you to the best and most affordable policy. Actually, there are insurance companies that do not require medical exams. However, they are a bit more expensive.

Moreover, life insurance and its premiums depend on your medical conditions. For instance, having underlying health conditions or morbidity factors, lead to higher premiums. Moreover, here are some notable medical conditions:

  • Diabetes
  • Vices such as smoking or drugs, or were a smoker in the last 5-7 years
  • Obesity or overweight
  • High blood pressure
  • Family history of diseases (cancer, heart disease, etc.)
  • Taking prescription drugs


Shop For More Insurance Companies

When you’re looking for the perfect outfit, you don’t just go to one store. Likewise, don’t inquire in just one insurance company. Also, shop around and try calling an insurance agent. In fact, they lay out many options and do not represent one insurance company. Further, they compare insurance quotes, benefits, and eligibility requirements.


Be Aware of Some Plans

Especially, be aware of some plans that attempt to sell life insurance that expires. Unfortunately, some clients were not aware of it until it was too late. In fact, some flagship plans expire at a certain age. Also, it leaves your family without any protection.


Finding Burial Insurance in Tennessee and its Counties

tips on burial insurance in tennessee

You can find affordable, convenient and trusted burial insurance in Tennesse. Also, that includes its cities and counties. Furthermore, here are lists of counties with burial insurance.


Burial Insurance in Nashville

tips on burial insurance in tennessee and burial insurance in tennessee and burial insurance in nashville

Further, here is a list of Nashville (Nashville-Davidson-Murfreesboro-Franklin) counties that have burial insurance:

  • Cannon County
  • Cheatham County
  • Davidson County
  • Dickson County
  • Hickman County
  • Macon County
  • Maury County
  • Robertson County
  • Rutherford County
  • Smith County
  • Sumner County
  • Trousdale County
  • Williamson County
  • Wilson County

Burial Insurance in Memphis

burial insurance in Tennessee and best burial insurance in Memphis

Moreover, here is a list of Greater Memphis (Mid-South) counties by State that have burial insurance:


  • Crittenden County
  • Francis County
  • Lee County, Arkansas
  • Phillips County, Arkansas
  • Cross County, Arkansas
  • Poinsett County, Arkansas
  • Mississippi County, Arkansas
  • Craighead County, Arkansas
  • Greene County, Arkansas
  • Clay County, Arkansas


  • Benton County
  • Desoto County
  • Tunica County
  • Tate County
  • Marshall County
  • Panola County, Mississippi
  • Lafayette County, Mississippi
  • Alcorn County, Mississippi
  • Tippah County, Mississippi
  • Quitman County, Mississippi
  • Coahoma County, Mississippi
  • Union County, Mississippi
  • Lee County, Mississippi
  • Pontotoc County, Mississippi
  • Prentiss County, Mississippi


  • Tipton County
  • Shelby County
  • Fayette County
  • Hardeman County, Tennessee
  • McNairy County, Tennessee
  • Madison County, Tennessee
  • Haywood County, Tennessee
  • Chester County, Tennessee
  • Crockett County, Tennessee
  • Gibson County, Tennessee
  • Dyer County, Tennessee
  • Weakley County, Tennessee
  • Obion County, Tennessee
  • Lake County, Tennessee

Burial Insurance in Knoxville

getting burial insurance in Tennessee and best burial insurance in Knoxville

Meanwhile, here is a list of Greater Memphis (Mid-South) counties by State that have burial insurance:

  • Anderson County
  • Blount County
  • Campbell County
  • Cocke County
  • Grainger County
  • Hamblen County
  • Jefferson County
  • Knox County
  • Loudon County
  • Morgan County
  • Roan County
  • Sevier County
  • Union County

(Other) Tennessee Counties With Burial Insurance

Bedford DeKalb Henderson Marion Putnam Warren
Bledsoe Fentress Henry McMinn Rhea Washington
Bradley Franklin Houston Meigs Rutherford Wayne
Carroll Giles Humphreys Monroe Scott White
Carter Greene Jackson Montgomery Sequatchie
Claiborne Grundy Johnson Moore Stewart
Clay Hamilton Lauderdale Overton Sullivan
Coffee Hancock Lawrence Perry Unicoi
Cumberland Hardin Lewis Pickett Van Buren
Decatur Hawkins Lincoln Polk Putnam


Contact Inzur agents to get competent burial insurance in Tennessee quotes. Further, they help seniors get the best insurance that fits their conditions and other factors. Finally, find a plan that ensures you will never leave your family with the burden of unpaid funeral costs and medical debts.

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