Burial Insurance in Indiana – Tips On How To Find One

Are you looking for a burial insurance in Indiana? The state of Indiana has a lot of residents especially seniors. Mostly, they live in a limited income and so a burial insurance policy is a way to help their families. This type of insurance pays your beneficiaries in cash upon your death. Further, it helps them with funeral costs and other outstanding debts. Moreover, it gives your family the flexibility to manage the proceeds in any way they can.

What is Burial Insurance?

Burial Insurance, or Funeral Insurance covers expenses. This coverage is given to your family or beneficiaries upon your death. Policies here are not as big as life insurance policy. Basically, it covers the essentials such as:

  • Funeral services
  • Embalming services
  • Cremation services
  • Funeral home service including flowers, car, etc.
  • Columbarium

Funeral insurance is sold to cover living expenses. Also, it replaces your income for a number of years. Likely, it ranges from $5,000 to $20,000.  Although, this does not payout in the same way as regular life policy.

Usually, people purchase life insurance. However, they forget that it does not cover funeral expenses. You must be aware of the varieties of burial insurance policies.

Why Is Burial Insurance Important?

It is never easy to talk about death but it is important to prepare for it. Again, burial insurance covers funeral services and outstanding debts such as medical bills. Funerals costs hundreds and thousands of dollars. You would not want to burden your family with the expenses, right?

Burial insurance pays the beneficiaries upon your death. Further, your family can use the money in any manner. It is possible to have burial insurance and whole life insurance policy. Your beneficiaries may choose to use those funds for other final expenses. Such as, legal costs, remaining medical bills including any other outstanding debts like credit cards, etc. Moreover, here are the key points:

  • People refer burial insurance as funeral insurance. Either way, insurance companies also consider it a whole life insurance policy.
  • Also, this is available estimating from $1000 to $50,000 in death benefit.
  • Funerals may cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. So, this insurance is beneficial for families left behind.
  • Further, this insurance is ONLY for funeral costs. Also, costs that come with it.

Do I Need Burial Insurance?

There are a few factors to remember before getting burial insurance. Especially, your financial status, budget, and your family comes into consideration. Well, these are likely the factors to think about. One should purchase burial insurance policy if:

  • Having no life insurance coverage
  • No other means of paying for funeral services
  • Wanting to cover their family’s expenses
  • They have limited savings
  • No other means to pay for outstanding balances/debts
  • Wanting a separate policy to cover burial and final expenses

Advantages of Burial Insurance:

  • Financial worries are taken care of
  • No family drama
  • It does not require medical exam to get burial coverage
  • Also, no need for blood and urine tests
  • Payouts are available immediately from the date of issue
  • Peace of mind, knowing one’s death will not become a burden to families

Burial Insurance in Indiana – How Much Does It Cost?

Companies that offer burial insurance in Indiana have varied costs. Their rates depend on one’s medical health, age and vices. Therefore, it is essential to compare quotes. You may find quotes on burial insurance in Indianapolis. Also, burial insurance in Fort Wayne and burial insurance in Bloomington.

For instance, costs could vary from $5,000 to $15,000. Note that these rates could vary. Further, it depends on the county, company or underwriting. Some Indiana seniors may find these plans affordable. In most cases, young adults offer to pay the premiums for their parents.

It is wise to set up an automatic debit to pay for premiums. Such as, a checking or savings account. This way, it ensures the coverage does not have lapses due to a missed bill.

Insurance for Seniors with Health Conditions

Don’t worry of having preexisting health conditions. Some insurances will not prevent you from having a plan. However, some serious health issues may limit choices. Consider these two types of plans:

  • Guaranteed acceptance – these insurances do not ask health questions. Also, every qualified applicant gets accepted. Although, it has a waiting period that you must survive.
  • Simplified issue – these insurances may ask you a few health questions. However, they do not require physical exams. This offers immediate death benefits. Sometimes, larger benefit levels with affordable prices.

Qualifications of a Good Burial Insurance

The best insurance is one that costs the least. In addition, it must cover the soonest and provide a secured financial coverage. Furthermore, you must enlist the help from a qualified insurance agent.

Here are two qualifications:

  • The insurance agency should analyze your health history. Therefore, it determines which coverage is best.
  • An agency that can give comparison quotes. Further, they must ensure you have the best deal possible.

Moreover, calling an agency will help you save time and money. So, forget about calling 10 or more insurance companies just for quotes!

Burial Insurance in Indiana and Counties

It is easy to find burial insurance in Indiana. Including, Indiana’s cities and counties. Here is a list of counties with burial insurance.

Burial Insurance in Indianapolis, Indiana (Indianapolis Metropolitan Area)

best burial insurance in indiana and burial insurance in indianapolis

Here is a list of Indianapolis, Indiana counties that have burial insurance:

  • Marion County
  • Madison County
  • Hamilton County

Burial Insurance in Fort Wayne, Indiana

best burial insurance in indiana and burial insurance in fort wayne

Here is a list of Fort Wayne, Indiana counties that have burial insurance:

  • Allen County
  • De Kalb County
  • Noble County
  • Decatur County

Burial Insurance in Bloomington, Indiana

best burial insurance in indiana and burial insurance in bloomington

Here is a list of Bloomington, Indiana counties that have burial insurance:

  • Monroe County

List of Other Counties Outside the Indiana Cities

Meanwhile, here is a list of other counties outside of the cities that offer burial insurance:


  • Lake County IN
  • Saint Joseph County IN
  • Elkhart County IN
  • Vanderburgh County IN
  • Porter County IN
  • Tippecanoe County IN
  • Hendricks County IN
  • Johnson County IN
  • Delaware County IN
  • La Porte County IN
  • Clark County IN
  • Vigo County IN
  • Howard County IN
  • Kosciusko County IN
  • Bartholomew County IN
  • Floyd County IN
  • Morgan County IN
  • Grant County IN
  • Wayne County IN
  • Hancock County IN
  • Warrick County IN
  • Boone County IN
  • Dearborn County IN
  • Henry County IN
  • Marshall County IN
  • Lawrence County IN
  • Shelby County IN
  • Dubois County IN
  • Jackson County IN
  • Cass County IN
  • Montgomery County IN
  • Huntington County IN
  • Knox County IN
  • Putnam County IN
  • Lagrange County IN
  • Harrison County IN
  • Steuben County IN
  • Miami County IN
  • Adams County IN
  • Clinton County IN
  • Greene County IN
  • Wabash County IN
  • Jasper County IN
  • Whitley County IN
  • Gibson County IN
  • Jefferson County IN
  • Daviess County IN
  • Ripley County IN
  • Jennings County IN
  • Wells County IN
  • Washington County IN
  • Posey County IN
  • Clay County IN
  • Randolph County IN
  • White County IN
  • Fayette County IN
  • Starke County IN
  • Scott County IN
  • Owen County IN
  • Franklin County IN
  • Jay County IN
  • Sullivan County IN
  • Spencer County IN
  • Fulton County IN
  • Carroll County IN
  • Orange County IN
  • Perry County IN
  • Rush County IN
  • Parke County IN
  • Fountain County IN
  • Vermillion County IN
  • Tipton County IN
  • Brown County IN
  • Newton County IN
  • Pulaski County IN
  • Blackford County IN
  • Pike County IN
  • Crawford County IN
  • Martin County IN
  • Switzerland County IN
  • Benton County IN
  • Warren County IN
  • Union County IN
  • Ohio County IN

Inzur Can Help Find The Best Burial Insurance

Moreover, ensure to look for trustworthy insurance companies. Also, approach insurance agents to be safe. In fact, they will help you shop for insurance companies. Actually, they are not biased. Since they are not directly working with a single insurance company. Inzur agents check your health and medical conditions. Then, they recommend you with the best insurance. Contact 1-888-999-0089 for more information on burial insurance.

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