Advantages of Burial Insurance in Georgia

Everyone should know the importance of getting burial insurance in Georgia. Usually, people avoid the topic about death. Especially when it involves death in the family or your own. However, death does not only involve grieving. Well, it also comes with an extra price especially regarding funeral services.

best burial insurance in Georgia

Therefore, burial insurance is essential in one’s life. It benefits you and your family upon your inevitable death. In addition, purchasing burial insurance in Georgia shouldn’t be considered a grudge. Basically, it is about protecting your family against all financial burden of burial expenses when you pass. Further, let’s discuss everything about burial insurance and its advantages. Later, we will break down the counties that offer burial insurance in Atlanta, burial insurance in Savannah and burial insurance in Marietta.


Understanding Burial Insurance and its Coverage

Term life insurance and burial insurance are different plans. Although, almost everyone is aware about life insurance. However, most have no idea or overlook burial insurance. They are both related when it comes to insurance. But, they offer different benefits to the insured.

Burial insurance helps cover your burial expenses and services. It is also known as final expense insurance. This coverage may only be utilized to cover any costs associated with your death. Further, it also covers medical bills, bank debts and more.

Moreover, this insurance does not give you a lump sum which you can use however you want. Actually, the lump sum is given to your family or beneficiaries only upon your death. Then, they use it to pay final expenses out of that check. Also, they can use the money to pay for other debts you leave behind. Finally, this policy has no restrictions on what your beneficiary can use it for.

Further, here are the key points:

  • Sometimes, people refer burial insurance as funeral insurance. Either way, insurance companies also consider it a whole life insurance policy.
  • Also, this is available estimating from $1000 to $50,000 in death benefit.
  • Funerals may cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. Also, this insurance is beneficial for the family members you leave behind
  • Sometimes, people refer this as funeral insurance. Further, this insurance is ONLY for funeral costs. Also, costs that come with it.

What Can Funeral Coverage Do For My Family?

Nowadays, a simple funeral cost thousands of money. Perhaps you’re the breadwinner of the family and all your salary goes to their needs. However, one day you may no longer be on earth and leave your family. How will they handle it? Also, where will they ever get the money to pay for your final expenses? Of course, they will be grieving over your loss. However, they will also be stressed of paying for your funeral.

Having burial insurance can afford your funeral expenses. Further, they will have the money to pay for other debts such as medical bills. Moreover, they can use the money however they want. But, they can only receive the amount when you pass.

The amount for policies vary between different insurance companies. Generally, death benefits for burial insurance are low. In fact, costs range from $5,000 to $25,000. Although, some insurance companies offer higher benefits.


Should I get Burial Insurance?

Getting a burial insurance depends on your situation particularly the financial status or budget. First, your family comes into consideration. Moreover, these are likely the factors to think about when purchasing burial insurance policy:

  • You have no life insurance coverage
  • No other means of paying for your funeral services
  • Desire to cover your family’s expenses
  • You have limited savings
  • No other means to pay for outstanding balances/debts
  • Wanting a separate policy to cover burial and final expenses

Advantages of getting Burial Insurance in Georgia

Most burial policies allow you and your family to pay a small monthly premium. Also, this includes the cost of funeral policy for all family members. The policy pays out a lump sum payment to your family when you pass away. Fortunately, you will be buried with dignity and your family can mourn without stressing on the expenses. Further, you will no longer add pressure on your own personal finances.

Here are the key advantages of getting burial insurance:

  • No family drama
  • Financial worries are taken care of
  • Also, no need for medical tests; even blood tests or urine tests
  • Payouts are available as early as 48 hours after claim is received with the required documents
  • Peace of mind, knowing your death will not be a burden to your family
  • Can help other costs such as outstanding medical bills, bank debts, etc.

Moreover, family members can use the money for other needs such as groceries, rent and more. If, your funeral costs less than the amount paid to your family.


Finding Burial Insurance in Georgia and its Counties


You can find the best burial insurance in Georgia. Furthermore, that includes its cities and counties. Moreover, the following are lists of counties of three major states that offer burial insurance.

Burial Insurance in Atlanta

Further, here is a list of Atlanta metropolitan area counties that have burial insurance:

  • Fulton County
  • DeKalb County
  • Gwinnett County
  • Cobb County
  • Clayton County
  • Coweta, County
  • Douglas County
  • Fayette County
  • Henry County

Burial Insurance in Savannah

Moreover, here is a list of Savannah counties that have burial insurance:

  • Chatham County
  • Effingham County
  • Bryan County

Burial Insurance in Marietta

Also, here is a list of Marietta (and other nearby) counties that have burial insurance:

  • Cobb County
  • Bartow County
  • Paulding
  • Braswell

(Other) Georgia Counties with Burial Insurance

Appling Catoosa Early Hart Macon Polk Terrell Whitfield
Atkinson Charlton Echols Heard Madison Pulaski Thomas Wilcox
Bacon Chattahoochee Elbert Houston Marion Putnam Tift Wilkes
Baker Chattooga Emanuel Irwin McDuffie Quitman Toombs Wilkinson
Baldwin Cherokee Evans Jackson McIntosh Rabun Towns Worth
Banks Clarke Fannin Jasper Meriwether Randolph Treutlen
Barrow Clay Floyd Jeff Davis Miller Richmond Troup
Ben Hill Clinch Forsyth Jefferson Mitchell Rockdale Turner
Berrien Coffee Franklin Jenkins Monroe Schley Twiggs
Bibb Colquitt Gilmer Johnson Montgomery Screven Union
Bleckley Columbia Glascock Jones Morgan Seminole Upson
Brantley Cook Glynn Lamar Murray Spalding Walker
Brooks Crawford Gordon Lanier Muscogee Stephens Walton
Bulloch Crisp Grady Laurens Newton Stewart Ware
Burke Dade Greene Lee Oconee Sumter Warren
Butts Dawson Habersham Liberty Oglethorpe Talbot Washington
Calhoun Decatur Hall Lincoln Peach Taliaferro Wayne
Camden Dodge Hancock Long Pickens Tattnall Webster
Candler Dooly Haralson Lowndes Pierce Taylor Wheeler
Carroll Dougherty Harris Lumpkin Pike Telfair White


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