Blood Test Cost And The 5 Most Important Blood Tests

How much does blood test cost? The answer might surprise you. Doctors and health specialists highly recommend taking blood test every six months.  The results could simply detect early signs of sickness. In fact, early detections of results can save lives.

Blood Test Cost and Thyroid Blood Test Cost

Moreover, blood tests assess one’s general health. Further, it may help the doctor monitor or diagnose health conditions. Generally, they are accurate, but not always perfect. There are different types of blood tests. Everything about blood test price is further discussed below. Moreover, everything about thyroid blood test cost, and cbc blood test cost are discussed here.


5 Most Important Blood Tests


blood test cost and CBC blood test cost


Most people do not have any idea how to improve their own health and long life. This is because almost everyone appears ignorant. The only way to identify health conditions is to know what their blood looks like under the microscope. Regular blood tests are important to prevent life-threatening diseases. In fact, blood tests offer benefits that go far beyond prevention of diseases. Therefore, take note of these 10 important blood tests. Adults should take these blood tests. They can work together with their doctors to avert serious health issues. They also need to do preparations before a blood test. Further, this will help them achieve optimal health.


Comprehensive Wellness Profile (CWP) – $97.00


This is the number one common blood test. In fact, the majority order this profile year after year. Over fifty individual laboratory tests screen for cardiovascular health issues. Further, the CWP indicates major organ functions, anemia, diabetes, blood diseases, infections and more illness. Moreover, this profile is routinely ordered as part of an annual exam. The CWP includes




This group of blood tests reveals important information. It discloses the types, amount and distribution of the distinguished types of fats (lipids) in the bloodstream. In addition, it includes Total Cholesterol,  HDL (good) Cholesterol, LDL (bad) Cholesterol, Risk Ratio (good total), and Triglycerides.


Too much cholesterol content is a major cause of blood vessel disease. Also, it is one major factor for heart disease. The high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol is the “good” cholesterol. It has the ability to take and remove cholesterol from the arteries.


On the contrary, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol is the “bad” cholesterol. It builds up and clogs the arteries.


Complete Blood Count (CBC’s)


This blood test examines hematocrit, hemoglobin, platelets, red blood cells (RBC), and white blood cells (WBC). Further, CBC is a broad screening test. This test evaluates one’s overall health and expose a wide range of disorders.


It checks disorders such as infection, anemia and other diseases. Changing levels of white or red blood cells may indicate infections or diseases. Also, they are very helpful in health screening.


CBC also determines the existence of abnormal or immature cells. Abnormal decreases or increases in cell counts may indicate underlying medical conditions. The CBC results may also call for further evaluation.


This test part of CWP. However, when done separately, CBC blood test cost is about $29.


Fluids and Electrolytes


Electrolytes are the minerals in the body. These have electric charges. They are found in everyone’s blood, body fluids and urine. It is important to maintain the right balance of electrolytes. In addition, electrolytes help the body’s blood chemistry and muscle action. For example, potassium, sodium, chlorine and carbon dioxide are electrolytes. People can get them from the foods and fluids they intake.


The levels of electrolytes in the body may become too high or low. This can occur when the amount of water in their body changes. This may cause overhydration or dehydration. Furthermore, causes could be vomiting, sweating, diarrhea, other medicines, or kidney problems.


Health problems most often occur with levels of calcium, potassium or sodium.


Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH)


The pituitary gland produces the TSH. TSH stimulates production of thyroid hormones. The TSH can help identify an underactive or overactive thyroid state. Thyroid blood test cost series of indications. Usually, a doctor’s concern is about one’s thyroid hormone levels and may order broad screening tests. The results still show abnormalities, the doctor may order further tests.




The liver panel includes different blood tests. This measures specific proteins and liver enzymes in the blood. This combination of innovative blood test gives anyone a complete picture or state of their liver. The results will help detect liver disease and measure potential liver damage. Further, some of the associated blood tests include the integrity of liver cells. Others also associate with liver function and some with disease linked to the biliary system.




This basic metabolic panel is a group of blood test. It gives information about the body’s metabolism. In addition, this test evaluates kidney function, blood sugar levels and blood acid/base balance. Also, it includes Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN), BUN/Creatinine Ratio, Creatinine, Uric Acid and eGFR.




This test indicates the changes in the blood glucose. The changes are good indicators of metabolic function. Further, it helps detect diseases such as mellitus and diabetes. Diabetes is the most common cause of kidney disease especially in adults. Therefore, it is essential to monitor this health condition when evaluating kidney function.


Mineral and Bone


The bone is responsible for its mechanical functions. Other than that, it serves as a reservoir for minerals or a “metabolic” function. It is storage for the body’s phosphorus and calcium. In fact, it stores 85% of the phosphorus and 99% of the calcium. It is essential to maintain the blood level of calcium within a narrow range.


Moreover, when blood calcium gets too low or high, muscles and nerves will not function. The test includes Total Iron, Calcium and Phosphorous.


Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy – $59.00


Vitamin D is the “sunshine vitamin.” The body manufactures the vitamin after exposure from sunshine. In fact, this vitamin helps fabricate strong teeth and bones. Vitamin D also helps the body absorb the amount of calcium it needs.


Furthermore, it has other functions in the body. It includes neuromuscular and immune function, modulation of cell growth, and reduction of inflammation. There are different associations between low Vitamin D levels and peripheral vascular disease. Also, it related to other health issues like cancers, multiple sclerosis, juvenile diabetes and more.


Ferritin – $39.00


Ferritin is the storehouse for iron in the body. Also, it composes of protein and iron. The measurement of Ferritin provides a precise picture of how much iron is available in the reserve. Low amount of Ferritin is a sign of iron deficiency. Moreover, Ferritin is high with infection, liver disease, inflammation, iron overload, and certain cancers.


C-Reactive Protein, Cardiac (CRP,hs) – $45.00


This is the critical component of the immune system. Further, it can predict of future risk of stroke, sudden cardiac death, heart attack and development of peripheral arterial disease. Those with elevated levels of CRP have risks of about 2 to 3 times higher than the risk of those with low levels.


Testosterone, Total & Free


Testosterone is the hormone that causes male characteristics. This blood level indicates abnormal sexual development. Further, it investigates sexual dysfunction. Women’s ovaries produces low amounts. Also, the levels evaluate virilization.


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Find An Affordable Blood Test Cost But With Good Quality


thyroid test cost and blood test price


There are laboratories out there that offer good blood test cost. You may go to DirectLabs to ensure that your results are accurate. Furthermore, a patient must prepare themselves to guarantee the quality of laboratory test results. Also, make a good relationship with the laboratory employees. Ask them if there are any clarifications when taking the test. After all, the clinical sample is yours. Guaranteed medical results will always rely on you and the laboratory. Medicare also covers a blood test if it is medically reasonable and performed on an inpatient.

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