The Best Water Proof Hearing Aids For You

Did you know that there are water proof hearing aids? Basically, hearing aids on the market are not meant to have their internal parts get wet. Moisture such as water, sweat or other liquids that reach internally may cause sound distortion, corrosion and other electronic issues.

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Water proof hearing aids are a significant concern for individuals who sweat heavier than others, live in humid environment, or spend more time around the water.

However, there is a thin line between water resistant and waterproof. In fact, it is important that you know how to distinguish these two.

Water Resistant Hearing Aids

A water resistant hearing aid means it has the ability to function even when exposed to small amount of moisture. Usually, water resistant hearing aids feature a sealant or coating around the essential parts of the device for protection. However, water resistant hearing aids cease to work correctly when submerged in water.

In other words, it would be unwise to jump in a pool while wearing water resistant hearing aids. Meanwhile, it would be okay to be a little sweaty or walk through light rain.

Water-resistant hearing aids may be a good device if you:

  • live in a humid environment
  • have oily skin
  • concerned about your sweat
  • tend to produce plenty of earwax

Water proof Hearing Aids

Meanwhile, water proof hearing aids take moisture protection to a whole new level. These are rather rare than water resistant devices. Also, the technology of water proof hearing aids are quite different.

Water proof quality hearing aids features outer housing that has a single solid piece. Also, there must not have any cracks, seams, pins or screws. In addition, water proof hearing aids seal off all the parts where water might enter. This includes the microphone, receiver, and battery case. In fact, their battery case has a special type of sealant that allows air to enter and exit. But, it continues to keep the water out.

You can definitely feel more confident about wearing water proof hearing aids in wet situations, including the shower!

Who Can Benefit From Water Proof Hearing Aids?

Waterproof hearing aids benefit individuals who:

  • maintain an active lifestyle and prefer to play kayak, swimming, golf, hike or brisk walking
  • work in dusty environments
  • perspire a lot
  • workout regularly and need mail order hearing aids to hear their instructors, or listen to music via bluetooth technology

3 Tips to Keep The Moisture Out

Although hearing aids can be water resistant or waterproof, it is still important that you do your best in keeping the moisture out. There are a few ways to do this. Follow these three tips:

Utilize sweat covers and/or a dehumidifier

You can get these little socks for your quality hearing aids which can absorb moisture and hinder it from reaching your hearing aids. Oftentimes, these are used to protect the devices from sweat while they are being worn. Also, you can keep your hearing aids in a dehumidifier. This can be a case which features a moisture-absorbing packet or a more sophisticated case with a fan.

Wipe the Device After Wearing Them

It is important to always use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off dust, earwax and other moisture off your hearing aids after wearing them.

Keep the Battery Case Open Overnight

Allow the battery case to stay open while you sleep. This way, excess moisture will be able to evaporate and escape. In addition, this also helps your batteries last longer as it also saves you money in the long run.

Best Water Proof Hearing Aid in the Market

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If you want to buy hearing aids online, then you will find Siemens Hearing Aquaris. This is a waterproof hearing aid that was unveiled in 2011. In fact, it is the first truly waterproof hearing aid in the market. Also, up to date, it remains to be the best waterproof hearing aid!

Most importantly, Aquaris receives rave reviews from plenty of its clients. Moreover, it features advanced technology with six automatic programming options. This includes a directional microphone which empowers the hearing aid to pick up speech from behind and/or beside the listener. Also, it features a road noise reduction program.

Likewise, it is great for teachers who must turn away from students to write information on the board. Aquaris also comes with a bluetooth remote which helps customers understand while conversing on a landline or cell phone.

Aquaris is not a receiver-in-the-ear model. It is definitely ideal for individuals who produce plenty of ear wax. Lastly, it is powered by a disposable size 13 battery which gives it superior battery life to size 10 and 312 battery-powdered devices.


Meanwhile, hearing aid manufacturers continue to innovate in order to create more water proof hearing aids that can keep up with a person’s active lifestyle. You can discuss this with a hearing health provider to know the options with you. Also, they can help you find hearing aids that may meet your hearing and lifestyle needs.