Top 5 Best Hearing Aids For Tinnitus

The best hearing aids for tinnitus is not a cure, rather they can help you hear better. Quality hearing aids can help magnify the volume of external noise. Further, it reaches to a point where it masks the sound of tinnitus. Also, patients with hearing loss and tinnitus may find great relief from using hearing aids.

5 best hearing aids for tinnitus and buy hearing aids online

Hearing aid amplification maintains as a primary treatment option for individuals with tinnitus. Modern hearing aids such as analog hearing aids provide an extensive multitude of sound processing skills. Read further to know 5 best hearing aids for tinnitus. But, first let’s have a brief discussion on Tinnitus.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus describes the condition of hearing ringing, cricket, buzzing, ocean and other types of noise in the ear. Sometimes, it originates from the head which only you can hear. Further, Tinnitus is a Latin word which literally means ringing. It is actually an abnormal perception of sound. The sound is not related to an external source and the sound can range from a low to a high pitched ringing or squealing.

This is a fairly common disorder, especially for seniors. It may occur occasionally, fluctuating, constant, mild or severe. Also, it may affect one or both ears which originates from the middle ear just behind the eardrum. It may also originate from the sensorineural auditory system, or within the head.

Moreover, hearing aid amplification provides increase in neural activity. Thus, the sounds produced by their nervous system in the form of tinnitus seems louder. Generally, hearing aids amplifies natural environmental sounds to make the disturbing ringing of tinnitus less eminent.

Check out these 5 best hearing aids for tinnitus. 

5 Best Hearing Aids For Tinnitus

You can buy hearing aids online to help with your tinnitus condition. Check out these hearing aids and choose which one you find winning.


Oticon manufactures plenty of the best hearing aids such as Alta 2 Pro Ti, Nera 2 Pro Ti, and Ria 2 Pro Ti. These hearing aids offer Tinnitus SoundSupport. This feature is Oticon’s flexible solution for tinnitus. Further, it features several broadband relief sounds. Individuals who have tinnitus may choose sounds that include pink, red, and white static noise, including ocean-themed relief sounds. In addition, you may connect Otican hearing aids to your smartphone or any electronic device. This way, you can tap into the wealth of the Tinnitus Sound App which provides customized sound therapy options, and your favorite music.

Widex Zen Therapy

This hearing aid combines sound stimulation, stress reduction, counseling and amplification. Further, this device utilizes the traditional amplification of hearing aids including Zen fractal tones.

Zen fractal tones are musical tones which produces sound familiar to wind chimes. The purpose of Zen tones is providing you a pleasant acoustic stimulation that may reduce stress associated with tinnitus. You can choose from several sequences of Zen fractal tones. Also, you may choose white noise stimulation that can be an addition to the signal to produce more “masking” of the tinnitus.

Starkey Hearing Technologies

Starkey features Multiflex Tinnitus Technology which addresses tinnitus with sound masking therapy. Further, the tinnitus therapy is available in three popular Starkey hearing aid models: the Halo 2 manufactured for iPhone, Muse, and the SoundLens. This new technology provides you an all-day relief. Also, there is the option to personalize sound therapy to treat your personal tinnitus symptoms.

Siemens Therapy Signal

This device can be used as a hearing aid alone, or both hearing aid and tinnitus therapy device. In fact, there are four therapy signals you can choose: pink noise, white noise, high-tone noise, and speech noise.

Your hearing healthcare provider can fine-tune the signals to your chosen therapy. The purpose of this is to divert the attention away from the tinnitus, which will make it easier to focus on external sounds. Siemens also manufacture waterproof hearing aids.

ReSound LiNX TS

This device is a combination of hearing aid and tinnitus therapy. It aims to “blend” your tinnitus into the background. Further, the device features a tinnitus sound generator which is a white noise signal that is adjustable. Your professional hearing healthcare provider can adjust the frequency based on your preference.


The best hearing aids for tinnitus may have slight variations in the therapy signal. But all these devices’ goals are the same: deliver amplification in the range where there is hearing loss, reduce awareness of the tinnitus by providing a pleasing and controlled sound stimulation to the ears.