The Best Dental Offices in Chicago

No one will have a hard time looking for the best dental offices in Chicago. There are lots to choose from and a number of them have even received positive reviews from their patients and patrons. It’s easy to just go online and choose the dental office that is closest to the patient and read the testimonials. A number of these sites also include the information of the dentists that work at the clinic.

dental health center and best dental offices in Chicago 



1259 S Wabash Ave
Chicago, IL 60605

While on the dentist chair, patients can watch TV at this dental health center. It has TVs facing the chair. They can also take care of the insurance verification and this is done before the patient’s appointment.  Online orientation and check in process is tech-savvy. Patients get tons of text and email reminders for their upcoming appointments. The dentists at Dentologie are knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Even the receptionists and the dental hygienists are friendly. They can answer the inquiries of patients.

After the patient’s appointment, they can receive some good tips on how to maintain their teeth. The office is modern and new and clean. Paperwork can be done on an iPad and anyone can fill out the forms because of its easy application. Patients also receive email from Dentologie to check their experience. It is a quick survey just so the staff and dentists know what they did right and areas they should improve on.

Chicago Dental Studio

443 W Huron St
Chicago, IL 60654

Dentists and dental assistants at this dental clinic are attentive. They make sure that the patients are comfortable and handle everything swiftly and neatly. They do what they can for patients to be comfortable and feel no pain as much as possible. The reviews about this dental health centre do not exaggerate. It lives up to the hype. The staff is welcoming and nice and the dentists are awesome.

Unlike Dentologie, Chicago Dental Studio does not have an online scheduling system but that does not prevent patients from going there. Dentists discuss their patients what their dental processes are and how it will go and how much it will cost. They also have polite side chair manners and are kind and professional. Latest technology on the dental chairs are the sound canceling headphones. They also play music to drown out the sound that most people would not want to hear while they are having their dental operations.

According to testimonials, each visit of every patient has been friendly, efficient and essentially painless. After their scheduled sessions, they leave feeling satisfied. The staff is very professional and their hours are convenient. Those who have to come from work can still have their teeth done because this dental health center still accepts appointments at 6 in the evening.

The office is very clean, chic and minimalist. Hygienists are in no rush. They take their time to get the exam done thoroughly and accurately. Dentists put their patients first and accommodate them above and beyond. It has a relaxed atmosphere. The music plays overhead, giving the patients the feeling that they are in a spa. Dentists, hygienists and receptionists are extremely knowledgeable and answer the patients’ questions in detail.

Downtown Dental

25 E Washington St
Chicago, IL 60602

Downtown Dental is conveniently located in the Chicago Loop. There are multiple train lines and buses that make the office easy to access by anyone. The staff is friendly, punctual, professional and informative. The hygienists are knowledgeable, accommodating and efficient. Patients can come in and out of the office in less than 30 minutes. Because of this, patients can have their appointment done during their lunch hour. This dental health centre has a long list of dentists to choose from so that patients can go with the one that accommodates their schedule.

Over the years, Downtown Dental has had significant expansions to accommodate their growing list of patients. The downside, however, is that they are closed on weekends. Everyone is nice and personable, therefore giving their patients a pleasant experience that they will definitely remember. A great aspect of best dental offices in Chicago is being professional and informative. Also, ensuring that their patients are comfortable in the best way possible.

The dentists in this dental clinic care about their patients. They listen to their concerns. The facilities are very modern and clean. Appointments always start on time and patients can count on a full cleaning in less than an hour. Patients can schedule their appointments as early as 8. They are also very transparent about pricing. Whatever the staff says the cost of the procedure would be, that is what the patient will pay. No additional taxes or costs whatsoever.

Sonrisa Dental on Armitage


3069 W Armitage
Store B
Chicago, IL 60647

This dental health centre boasts of their office and staff. They have the latest technology for implants. The dentists are knowledgeable on dentistry and the clinic has the highest technology to accommodate the patients. Even dental hygienists are equipped with the latest skills and techniques so they can treat the patients. The staff is very friendly and they show that they care.

The downside is that this dental clinic is more expensive so patients must check their insurance before they schedule appointments. Another downside is that they do not inform the patients if the insurance is within the network that they cover before the scheduling of the appointment. This dental health centre is perfect if you do not have to pay an ostentatious amount for having the procedure done here.

So those are four of the top best dental offices in Chicago that patients can have consultations and their dental procedures done. Moreover, these dental clinics have also received the highest rating and most positive reviews therefore garnishing a loyal following and a number of the patients recommending these clinics to those who are also looking for dentists and hygienists to tend to their dental needs. There also dental care plans that can help one with dental expenses. Finally, there is no other way to know if these dental offices are the one for you, but to check those out.

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