Preparing For An Affordable Blood Test

A laboratory test such as an affordable blood test is a method to assess one’s general health. There are many other tests that help doctors diagnose or monitor a person’s range of conditions. Further, laboratory results are generally accurate, but not perfect. Also , everyone should know information about a test they will participate. It will help them understand what is involved in the laboratory test.

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Preparations Before An Affordable Blood Test


People may refer anyone for blood tests. Before anything else, it is important to ask these couple questions:


  • Do I really need to take blood tests?
  • What happens if I don’t do it?
  • How much does a blood test cost?
  • What are the risks of an affordable blood test?
  • What will happen if the results are inaccurate?
  • How and when will I get the results?
  • How to get a blood test without a doctor?


Above all, some blood tests require preparations. The most common preparation is fasting. Fasting here means not consuming food and drinks in a determined period of time. This is also a requirement for other laboratory tests. The level of substances such as glucose may vary during digestion.


The patient may only take water during fasting. No other beverages such as coffee, juices or tea are consumed. It is not allowed to consume any solid food even chewing gum. In fact, even sugar-free gums could affect the test results. The patient is allowed continue any medication, unless the doctor recommends otherwise. Any medication must be consumed with water.


Other laboratory tests that require fasting include glycaemia, triglycerides and insulin. Glycaemia requires a three-hour fasting. Furthermore, triglycerides test requires the patient to fast for a period of 10 to 12 hours.


The easiest way to obey a 12-hour fasting is to cease any consumption at 7:00 pm. Afterward, the patient can take a sample for the test at 6-7 in the morning. A patient may refer to blood test near me so they could do the test easily.

The Patient’s Role


The accuracy and reliability of a laboratory test result depends on the patient. After all, the test needs a sample from the patient’s body. Samples may be urine, blood, or other specimen. Therefore, it is essential for a patient do their role to ensure reliable results. Always remember that accurate results will be interpreted correctly.


Definite activities may have an impact on some test results. Excessive exercise, excessive eating, dehydration or recent sexual activities are just a few. Moreover, a patient may be advised to elude from these behaviors for accurate results.


There are laboratory tests that may not require any special preparation. However, for those that do, a patient must oblige to the instructions.  Furthermore, a patient must ask questions when instructions are unclear. It wouldn’t hurt to ask person-in-charge for some clarification. Also, it is safe to ask any additional instructions needed to prepare for the test.


Who are DirectLabs®?


One may ask, how to get a blood test without a doctor?” DirectLabs is the leader in direct access laboratory testing. They offer a wide variety of essential health and wellness blood chemistry tests. Their tests can be directed to patients online at surprisingly discounted prices. Results, including confidential ones, are also available online as early as 24 hours for most tests.


They offer their clients private and secure online accounts termed, “MyDLS.” Patients can access their orders, print lab requisition and retrieve their results.


DirectLabs understand that serious medical conditions go undetected for up to two years. An affordable blood test provides the best warning indicator. At this point, it is easier and likely treatable when a condition is detected earlier. Medicare also covers a blood test if it is medically reasonable and performed on an inpatient.


Finally, a patient can say “there is a blood test near me” thanks to DirectLabs. How much does a blood test cost? Well, most consumers have high deductibles, under-insured and do not have healthcare benefits. Moreover, patients can get discount wellness and direct laboratory test with DirectLabs.


How To Get A Laboratory Test?


Getting a laboratory test is easy. First, a patient may order their test online or calling DirectLabs (800) 908-0000. Second, they may proceed to Lab Patient Service Center, which has over 3,000 locations nationwide. Actually, centers may be conveniently available near anyone’s home or workplace. Finally, the results will be available online and retrieved as early as 24-48 hours. Patients don’t need to fret, because results will be secured and given with confidentiality.


What Laboratory Tests Do They Offer?


DirectLabs offer a wide category of affordable and excellent quality of laboratory tests. Also, they are always evolving to conform to the modern, pressing needs of direct access laboratory testing. In recent years, their convenient and confidential blood tests have incredibly improved. Here are just a few important tests they offer:


Comprehensive Wellness Profile (CWP)


A person may have an opportunity to detect heart disease, diabetes and other concerns. Take advantage with their Comprehensive Wellness Profile (CWP) to detect health-threatening conditions. CWP is their most complete general wellness panel.


CWP includes the following tests:


  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Thyroid
  • Lipid Profile
  • Liver Profile
  • Kidney Panel
  • Iron
  • Fluids, Electrolytes & Minerals
  • Glucose


For only $97, a patient can have the complete blood count they are looking for.


Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy


For only $59, this test will determine Vitamin D levels. This test will determine if the body’s vitamin D levels are too low or too high. Moreover, the results will determine bone malformation and weakness. In addition, it determines abnormal metabolism of calcium in the body. Lastly, this could result to deficiency or excess of vitamin D.




A healthy heart indicates a healthy body system. A patient can get 27 important tests for only $59. The money a consumer saves is incomparable to a peace of mind. The package includes tests involving:


  • Diabetes
  • Kidney
  • Fluids & Electrolytes
  • Minerals and Bone
  • Liver
  • Lipids


PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen)


Men with prostate problems or a family history of prostate cancers should take tests for potential prostate issues. In fact, it requires regular screening for all men with significant risk factors for prostate disease.


For only $44, the test will only need a single needle and draw small amount of blood. Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers among U.S. men. Actually, this affects one out of every six. This means every man needs to be screened to put their mind at ease.


Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP-14)


This group of 14 tests indicates information about the status of a person’s kidneys, liver, electrolyte and acid/base balance. In addition, this test also determines blood proteins and sugar levels. Abnormal results or any relation to may indicate problems that need to be addressed. Moreover, this test can be ordered for $34 only.


Lipid Profile


This group of simple blood tests reveals essential information. It indicates the types, amount and distribution of variations of fats (lipids) in the bloodstream. Further, for only $39, the test includes:


  • Cholesterol
  • HDL (good) Cholesterol
  • LDL (bad) Cholesterol
  • Risk Ratio (good to total)
  • Triglycerides


DirectLabs Review


Customers feel great about DirectLabs. They even take the time and effort to write notes to their staff. No doubt, most of their consumers use DirectLabs for many years. Further, DLs have the reputation where customers can directly go to them for affordable laboratory assistance.


Patients thank DLs for showing nothing but integrity and honesty. Also, most patients now have access laboratory testing that would not have otherwise been available elsewhere. Patients are looking forward to taking more laboratory tests with DL.

“Very much thankful for the ability to take control of my health situation and would not be able to do this without your website!”

DirectLabs continue to provide wonderful customer service. Also, their goal is to ensure everyone has access to blood tests that could save their lives. It is refreshing to see that DLs are willing to offer help and personal attention. Most customers recommend DLs to their friends and families. Some patients even recommend DLs to their doctor.


A simple, wellness, affordable blood test could save your life! Moreover, DirectLabs is the easiest way to get the laboratory test you need. Their goal is to offer you an interest in taking wellness and overall health into their own hands. Further, they achieve this by offering blood tests, direct access laboratory testing and confidential results you are looking for.

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